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Why Choose AABH & Dr Stelzle?

Training. Knowledge. Experience. Compassion.

Allergy-Specific Specialty Training

  • "Fellowship-Trained" in Allergy/Immunology - caring for both Pediatric & Adult Patients.   
    • Dr Stelzle's "A/I Fellowship" was in Washington DC, involving 2 years of comprehensive allergy training & study.  
    • Before his A/I Fellowship, he completed 3 years of Internal Medicine Residency Training (& then 2 yrs as an Internist).
    • Before Residency, Dr Stelzle completed 4 years of Medical School & 4 years of College.
      • * Note: Dr Stelzle is one of only two "A/I Fellowship-Trained Allergists" in Western SD (ie: "West River").

Board Certified in Allergy/Immunology

  • Certified by The American Board of Allergy/Immunology (ABAI).  
    • After A/I Fellowship, Dr Stelzle scored at the 98%ile, nationally, on the rigorous ABAI Board-Certification exam. 
    • Only those with A/I Specialty Fellowship Training can sit for the ABAI exam (not those with non-allergy specialties).
    • Since then, Dr Stelzle has continued to regularly "board-recertify" with the ABAI.
    • He participates in the ABAI "Maintenance of Certification Program" (MOC)  of study
      • ...with its every 6 month exams - trying to keep his A/I knowledge at the cutting edge for his patients.

Over 20 Years of Allergy Experiences to Draw Upon

  • Dr Stelzle started his training & detailed study of Allergy Conditions in the 1990s.
    • The medical field is vast and ever expanding.  
    • It takes years to master one's skills as a physician & specialist.
    • Dr Stelzle knows his limitations & does not consider himself a national A/I expert,
      •  ...and occasionally has to refer patients to larger A/I Centers (ie: Denver, or Mayo Clinic).
    • However, with over 20 years of experience in the field, he is a regional A/I expert,
      • ...and the longest practicing A/I Specialist in the Black Hills Area.

Striving for Your Success

  • You will see Dr Stelzle during all of your Provider Visits.
    • Our area's Nurses, PAs, Nurse Practitioners - are among the best, 
      • but you are making an appt at AABH to see a Fellowship Trained Allergy Specialist.
    • Dr Stelzle's Ultimate Goal is Simple: 
      • He tries his best to use his years of experiences & knowledge in the field of Allergy/Immunology to...
      • Diagnose, solve or manage your allergy problems;
      • Reduce your suffering & improve your quality of life; 
      • Deliver excellent, affordable & compassionate care.

Let's Work Together!


(605) 716-6010

Thank You for the Opportunity & Privilege to Serve You!


Allergy Conditions in Which We Specialize

 Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)

Allergy Shots (Immunotherapy)

Allergy Prick Testing

Nonallergic Rhinitis (NAR)

Chronic Sinusitis & Nasal Polyps

Allergic Eye Disorders

Asthma (& Exercise Bronchospasm)

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD)

Allergy Patch Testing (for ACD)

Hives (Urticaria)

Swelling (Angioedema)

Food Allergies

Drug Allergies


Bee-Sting Allergy

Bee-Sting Venom Immunotherapy

Non-HIV (primary) immunodeficiency disorders

Immunization (Vaccine) Allergies

...and Other Allergy-Related Disorders


Dear Current & Future Patients

You Are the Reason... that that we practice medicine!

It is a tremendous privilege to serve you - the wonderful residents of our Black Hills & surrounding region.

Usually a team approach to medical care works best - with YOU - as the center of our team.

We encourage you to express your desires & opinions; so that together, we can choose the best medical options.

Please feel free to review some of information on this site in preparation for your visit.  

The better you understand your condition & treatment options, the easier it will be to decide on a treatment plan.

Your participation, in your treatment decisions, will typically lead to better outcomes & greater satisfaction. 

Thank you for the trust you place in us & for the great privilege to serve you and your loved ones!


Dr. Stelzle & Team AABH

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Clinic Closures

MON - Oct 12, 2018
(Veterans Day)

Exciting News

Dr Stelzle & Staff will be Merging with WRENT
on Jan 1st, 2018, 
& Relocating to Mandalay Plaza at:
   4940 5th St, Rapid City SD 57701

We believe that combining our Allergy & ENT Clinics will allow us to provide you with more comprehensive care.

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(on Allergic Rhinitis)

Website Disclaimer

Disclaimer:  Dear website visitors and patients, please do not use the information on this site as a substitute for actual medical care.  Your own doctor has spent years learning medicine to analyze your symptoms, diagnose and treat your conditions.  Please visit with a doctor if you suffer with one of the problems discussed on this website.   Dr. Stelzle is only sharing some of his ideas here and in no way wishes you to take his thoughts as medical advise.  This information is not designed to care specifically for you -- ie: without the oversight and agreement of your own doctor.  Every patient is unique and has his or her own set of nuances when it comes diagnosis & treatment; so, again, please use this site for informational purposes only & not for medical advise outside of your own doctor's recommendations.