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Dear Shot Patients
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Examples of Conditions in which We Specialize:

Hay fever & rhinitis.
Allergic eye disorders.
Chronic sinusitis & nasal polyps.
Asthma & exercise induced bronchospasm.
Hives (urticaria) & swelling (angioedema).
Eczema (atopic dermatitis).
Allergen Skin-testing.
Immunotherapy (allergy shots).
Food Allergies.
Drug allergies.
Bee-sting allergies.
Bee-sting venom allergy immunotherapy.
Non-HIV (primary) immunodeficiency disorders.
Immunization (vaccine) allergies.
And other allergy related disorders.

Website Disclaimer

Disclaimer:  Dear website visitors and patients, please do not use the information on this site as a substitute for actual medical care.  Your own doctor has spent years learning medicine to analyze your symptoms, diagnose and treat your conditions.  Please visit with a doctor if you suffer with one of the problems discussed on this website.   Dr. Stelzle is only sharing some of his ideas here and in no way wishes you to take his thoughts as medical advise.  This information is not designed to care specifically for you -- ie: without the oversight and agreement of your own doctor.  Every patient is unique and has his or her own set of nuances when it comes diagnosis & treatment; so, again, please use this site for informational purposes only & not for medical advise outside of your own doctor's recommendations.