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Allergic Rhinitis

AR -- Three Prongs of Treatment

Allergic Rhinitis: 3 Steps to Relief
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Allergic Rhinitis Management:  When your history and skin testing support the diagnosis of Allergic Rhinitis, you basically have three different treatment choices. 
1st - Allergen Avoidance:  Also called "Environmental Control."  The first video will describe ways that you can lower the amount of the major airborne allergens from getting into your nose/eyes/lungs.
2nd - Medication Therapy:  Also called Pharmacotherapy involves picking the right class of medications to treat to try to control the various symptoms of allergic rhinitis.  The second video will review these major medication families and when we use each agents from each group.
3rd - Immunotherapy:  Also called "IT," Allergy Shots or Allergy Vaccines. The third video, we focus on the "tried & true" FDA approved "shot" (ie: subcutaneous) method of IT - which can be advanced to full 2-4 week booster dosing via a standard (slower, "traditional") or rush (rapid desensitization) build-up protocol.
Here are the Immunotherapy Handouts as discussed in third video:
 The Updated Handout, above, describes NEW "Under-The-Tongue" Immunotherapy
These "Sublingual Dissolvable Tabelets" are now FDA Approved for....
* Grass Pollen Allergy
* Ragweed Pollen Allergy
* Dust Mite Allergy
These SLIT Tabs differ from "Allergy Drops" advertised by some clinics.
"Allergy Drops" are not FDA Approved for Allergic Rhinitis --
therefore Insurance Companies usually do not cover these (ie: cash only).

Meds to Stop Before Skin Testing

REMINDER:  If you desire or anticipate the need for allergy skin testing on your first visit, remember to stop any medications that may block or diminish you skin testing responses a few days before testing as recommended in in the med. list found at the link below:

Step 1 - Environmental Control Measures Video


Step 2 - Medicine Choices Video


Step 3 - Immunotherapy (Allergen Vaccine) Video