Rhinitis Overview

Allergic vs. NonAllergic Rhintis

Rhinitis simply means inflammation (ie: swelling) of the pink smooth nasal lining inside the nose -- this abnormality causes nasal symptoms (ie: congestion, drippy nose, post nasal drip, sneezing, itching, etc...) and sometimes associated non-nasal symptoms (as discussed in the Rhinitis Overview Video [to the right]). 
Types of Rhinitis:  Allergic (AR), Nonallergic (NAR) & Mixed Rhinitis.  About 60% of patients have AR; about 40% NAR; but they often overlap in the same individual -- so "Mixed Rhinitis" is common too.
1) Allergic Rhinitis: AR is due to true allergens -- pollens, mold spores, cat/dog/other animal danders, dust mite & insects (ie: dead cockroach, ladybug, moth dust).  These cause an abnormal immunologic (histamine/leukotriene spillage) response in the nose that causes the lining to swell.

2) Nonallergic Rhinitis:  NAR can be genetic, or acquired, & worsened by irrritants (ie: smoke, perfume, odors, vapors, changes in temperature/humidity, viruses/head colds & some medications).  We probably all have a tendency to NAR to some degree [ie: if exposed to enough triggers], but some patients are much more affected than others to an "abnormal" degree, sometimes on a "permanent" basis.

We often don't know why some people get NAR and others don't -- just as we don't know why some people develop hypertension, diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease & a host of other conditions while others seem to live into old age with no medical problems at all. 
If you think that you have Rhinitis, then please... 
1) Watch this Rhinitis Video (to the right), before your appointment, so that we can spend our time together answering questions & discussing your best treatment options.
2) Review these Webpages below (by clicking on each link) 
(ie: try to guess your rhinitis type & learn as much as you can before your appointment)....  

Rhinitis Overview Video (both AR & NAR Types)

Other Non-Rhinitis HEENT Conditions

After reviewing these Rhinitis pages,
If you don't think that you have Rhinitis (AR or NAR),
please then consider these other HEENT conditions
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