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Asthma is estimated to affect 24 million people in the USA & the most common chronic childhood disease.  

Asthma frequently goes undiagnosed & untreated -- causing needless suffering.

Well-Controlled Asthma can lead to dramatically improved sleep, exercise tolerance, and quality of life. 

Dr Stelzle & his AABH Staff specialize in diagnosing & treating your asthma (& related conditions) and we want to help you!

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Managing Asthma

Three Steps To Relief

1) Assess Severity

Asthma can range from mild/intermittent to severe/persistent.  

Dr Stelzle will use spirometry (along with your history) to help confirm the diagnosis & select the best level of starting medications.  

Spirometry may be rechecked again, during certain follow up visits, to help determine how well your asthma treatment is working.

2) Identify Triggers

The majority of asthmatics are triggered (worsened) by allergies.  Smoke, dust, vapors, diesel fuel, cold dry air & other irritants, viruses, chronic sinusitis & acid reflux also can cause asthma flares.

If allergies are suspected, Dr Stelzle may recommend allergy skin testing to help with allergen avoidance recommendations. Maybe it is time to rehome that cat!  

Allergy Shots are FDA approved for of Allergic Asthma.  Many asthmatics can benefit from allergy shots (immunotherapy) to significantly reduce their allergy triggers & reduced their need (or level of) asthma medications over time.

3) Select The Right Meds

Besides avoiding allergen & other triggers and considering allergy shots, asthma management focuses on controlling the disease with various asthma meds.

There are many types asthma medications, that are best selected, based on each patient's unique asthma characteristics.

Dr Stelzle is an ABAI Board Certified Allergist with expertise in the subtleties of asthma care.  He will draw upon his many years of asthma experiences, with patients, to help you select just the right medication for your unique situation.

Our "Asthma Meds" Handout

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