Finding The Right Asthma Controller-Medication
Goal: Just Enough for Excellent Daily Control
  • Rare Intermittent Asthma or Exercise-Only Asthma may just require an as needed short-acting Albuterol Inhaler.
  • However, if asthma symptoms are persistent (several days a week) -- Then Controller Meds (colored boxes, above) should be considered based on severity; sometimes with add-on "Second-Line" Meds if more help is needed.
 (Please view the PDF, below, for in-depth Learning, from Dr Stelzle's Perspective!)

Asthma Is Common

Asthma is estimated to affect 24 million people in the US.  

It is the most common chronic disease in childhood -- affecting an estimated 7 million children.  

It often goes undiagnosed and untreated -- causing needless suffering.

Many asthmatics just "learn to live" with the symptoms: chronic cough, chest tightness, exercise limitations (due to shortness of breath), wheezing (heard with head colds, running in cold dry air, or at night when trying to sleep).

We typically do spirometry (breathing tests) to help confirm the diagnosis.  However, you should at least consider seeing your health care provider, for at least a short trial of asthma medication, to as a test in and of itself.  

Often times, the medication sample "test" works so well, that patients say, "I didn't know that I could feel so well, run so fast, sleep so deep...."  

...thus, proving to themselves that they really had unrecognized asthma which was more chronic, severe and persistent than they had perceived.

Bottom Line:  Well controlled Asthma can be a Game-Change in the Game of Life for Asthmatics (even those stoic & tough patients who generally refuse to see a doctor!).

Patient Handout - Asthma Meds Explained

All of Our Standard Asthma Medications are still FDA regulated, requiring a prescription (ie: none are over the counter) -- but hopefully,

This PDF Handout:
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...will help you make sense of your
Current Asthma-Med Options 
allow you to
enter into a more educated discussion with your provider
~ to make the most of your upcoming visit
& find the right controller regimen for you.