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Different Types of Rhinitis
Rhinitis simply means inflammation (ie: swelling) of the pink smooth nasal lining inside the nose.  

Rhinitis is often due to different "allergenic dusts" -- but not all Rhinitis is "Allergic" (ie: AR due to allergies).  

Sometimes allergy tests are negative and so we call the Rhinitis -- "Nonallergic Rhinitis" (NAR).

Either way, AR or NAR, rhinitis can cause nasal congestion, drippy nose, post nasal drip, sneezing, itching, etc.

And... sometimes the "Non-Nasal" Rhinitis Symptoms are even more bothersome than the nasal symptoms -- as discussed in the "Rhinitis Overview Video" (below).   

Allergic vs. NonAllergic Rhintis

Types of Rhinitis:  About 60% of Rhinitis patients have AR.  About 40% NAR.  However, AR and NAR often overlap and "Mixed Rhinitis" is common.
1) Allergic Rhinitis: AR is due to true allergens -- pollens, mold spores, cat/dog/other animal danders, dust mite & insects (ie: dead cockroach, ladybug, moth dust).  These trigger "immunologic (histamine/leukotriene spillage) responses" causing the nasal the lining to swell.

2) Nonallergic Rhinitis:  NAR can be persistent in predisposed patients, worsening as they age.  Many NAR sufferers have a heightened sensitivity to irritant triggers (ie: smoke, perfume, odors, vapors, changes in temperature/humidity, viruses/head colds & some medications). 

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Rhinitis Overview Video

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