Robert Stelzle MD FACAAI - Board Certified in Allergy/Immunology

Dr. Stelzle trained in Pediatric & Adult Allergy/Immunology through a two year Fellowship Program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC from in the late 1990s.

After fellowship, he moved to Ft. Gordon Army Medical Center in Augusta, GA to run their Allergy/Immunology Clinic for a couple of years before moving to Rapid City in 2001. 

Since 2001, he continues to provide patient care in Allergy/Immunology to those in Rapid City and the surrounding region.

Before studying Allergy/Immunology, Dr. Stelzle had previously completed a three year Internal Medicine Residency at Fitzsimons Army Medical Hospital in Denver through the early 1990s.  

After this Internal Medicine Residency, but before A/I fellowship, he practiced as an Army Internist, serving his country overseas -- while paying the Army back in "time" for the scholarship that they provided for him to attend medical school.

Dr Stelzle is currently one of just two "West River" Allergists/Immunologists in SD who are actually certified by the 'American Board of Allergy & Immunology" (ABAI) and Fellowship-Trained specifically in Allergist/Immunologist at this time. 

Dr. Stelzle has over 20 years of experience as an Allergist/Immunologist.  Although he is a "regional allergy expert," he certainly does not consider himself a "national expert or thought leader" in the field.  However, he works very hard to keep up with the most current advances in A/I -- in order to provide the best care possible to his patients.

Through his academic efforts, he reached a 98th percentile score (top 2%) - on his initial national ABAI board exam, shortly after graduating from fellowship.   

Since then he has continued his lifelong learning efforts, and a decade later, "re-certificated" with the ABAI for another 10 years.  He continues ABAI certification by participating in the ABAI MOC program of every 6 month reassessment with ongoing A/I study & testing.

Dr. Stelzle's main desire is to try to use what he has learned to help others in a compassionate and caring manner.   

He thanks you for the privilege and opportunity to serve you and help caring for your allergy, asthma and related conditions.

Links of Possible Interest:   ABAI    ACAAI    RCRH     AAAAI


Lisa Uhre LPN - Chief Allergy Nurse at AABH 

Lisa has been with AABH since 2006.  She serves as the chief/head nurse at AABH.

With many years in nursing and 12+ years as an allergy nurse specialist, she has developed a depth of allergy knowledge and experience unparalleled by other allergy nurses in our area.

She is a very hard worker and extremely dedicated to serving our patients at the highest level of care.

Lisa is amazing.  She basically runs the clinical side of our allergy practice. 

She orders supplies, gets extracts ready, interacts w/ patients, vendors, insurance companies, pharmacies, and others.  

Lisa has trained all the other nurses at AABH, drawing on her years of experience.

She his a true patient advocate and clearly a critical member of our team.  

AABH, and our patients, are very lucky to have Lisa working on our behalf.

Denise Dowling LPN - Allergy Nurse

Denise has done a wonderful job filing the shoes of Chris as Chris transitions to prn (when she returns home to RC on occasion).

She has quickly learned the "allergy nurse" skills and makes for a strong addition to our team.  

She has over 30 years of nursing experience in various areas of medicine with which she draws upon to provide top care to our patients.

She is an easy going, very likable, nurse who is sure to make you feel at home.

We hope you like Denise as much as we do; and we feel blessed to have her on our team.

Chris Sewell MA - Allergy Nurse

How nice to find a young energetic nurse who loves her job and wants to share her caring and concern with those in need.  

Chris came to us in the in the Spring of of 2016, and worked wonders in our clinic for the last couple years.

Unfortunately, with her husband's transfer, she has moved to the other side of the state as of May 2018.  

However, she has several ties to Rapid City, and plans on moving back in the  not so distant future.  

Due to her ongoing connections to our area, she is planning on returning to Rapid City (on occasional holidays or school breaks) - to cover for our other nurses' vacations.

Cindi Knisley - Billing Specialist / Front Office Manager

Cindi directs the non-clinic, front office and billing areas of AABH. 

Keeping the front office humming is a huge job and responsibility that allows us to remain open as an independent clinic. 

Cindi is amazing!  Because we are a small clinic, she literally works several individual jobs that multiple workers would do in a larger clinic.  

She does our billing, deals with insurance issues, keeps the front desk and scheduling going.  

She is a great resource for our patients given her extensive experience and background.

We would be unable to serve our patients without her important contribution to AABH.  

We are very thankful and grateful to have her as part of the AABH family.

Mary Moss - Charge Entry / Receptionist

Mary mostly works the reception area at AAHB.

She, along with Cindi, are the voices you hear when you call and the smiling faces that greet you at our check-in window. 

Mary works hard at scheduling your appointments in a timely manner and in requesting outside records prior to initial referral visits - so that we can provide the best care possible.

Those of you who have reception experience know how crazy it can get at the front desk of any small business. 

Although Mary is only here part time, she has proved to be an incredible asset at our front desk, freeing up Cindi to work on billing and other office duties.  

We are very grateful for all you do Mary!


Gladys Hartl

Congratulations to Gladys on her retirement!!!

Many thanks for the years of hard work in running AABH's front office and billing area. 

We dearly miss you but are happy for you and the additional time you will have for your many interests and hobbies and time with your family. 

Trish Krull RN

Congratulations to Trish on graduating from RN school and your new job as an intensive care nurse.

We are very excited for you and so proud of your accomplishments. 

Thank you for all the times when you filled to help our nursing staff at AABH as an MA.

We and the many patients you cared for will miss you and wish you all the best!

Farah Khan DO - Board Certified in Allergy/Immunology

Dr Khan has finished up her time at AABH and has moved from the area.  

While Dr Stelzle and the AABH staff will dearly miss her, we are very happy for Dr Khan as she moves on to explore new exciting opportunities.

Dr Stelzle will be taking her place -- and will be happy to serve all of Dr Khan's patients.

Best Wishes to Dr Khan and much thanks for all of your dedication, hard work, and service to AABH and all of our patients!