This section is designed to prepare you for your initial appointment.

The first appointment is almost always the longest -- especially if allergy testing is preformed. We can speed things up with this"pre-appointment preparation," as described here.  So Please....

Step 1:  Bring these completed forms to your appointment:
Print out PDFs of these images by clicking on the 2 blue links for each below:
(You may want to watch the video below for more tips on filling out these "self-interviewing" forms to eliminate any confusion)
(Please review this online so that you can sign that this step has been completed at the bottom of the "Patient Demographics Form" ).

Step 2:  Review any information here that may apply to you  (ie: your problem, condition, symptom, complaint, or the reason for your visit):
(includes "Allergies of the Nose & Eyes")
Other HEENT Problems
(Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose/Sinus, Throat)
Chest Symptoms & Asthma
(Skin Problems, Eczema, Rash)

(also known as "Urticaria & Angioedema")
Latex, Drug, Bee-Sting Allergy
Food Allergy / Intolerance


If you are anticipating allergy skin testing at the time of your upcoming appointment, then please review this list of medications that may block histamine responses. 
If at all possible, stop these medications for the duration advised on the webpage above.
For safety reasons:  For Prescription Medications, please discuss with Your Provider if you can indeed stop these medications and if slow tapering is necessary.


Video Tips for help in filling in New Patient Forms (if needed)